to the website of the Society for Didactics of Mathematics. The GDM is a scientific association with the aim to promote the didactics of mathematics – especially in German-speaking countries – and to cooperate with corresponding institutions in other countries. Mathematics didactics deals with the learning and teaching of mathematics at all ages.

Contributions wanted for ZMFP

The GDM journal ZMFP (www.zmfp.de) continues to seek proposals and ideas for articles that support the journal’s objectives.

Contributions are published that address key issues in mathematics education and do so in a way that is both relevant and beneficial to practice, and with sound background from research.

Examples of topics for contributions are:

– What representations / introductory methods / problems / etc… are used to promote understanding of arithmetic operations / fractions / probabilities / etc…? ?
– What forms of promoting problem solving / proving / modeling in mathematics education are there? Which studies give indications on how to design them?
-How can certain theories / findings from mathematics didactic research (e.g. discovery learning, practicing with digital media, teaching quality, etc.) be interpreted and what consequences follow for practice?

There can be very different contributions to each example, and each contribution can also focus on a very concrete topic and/or some concrete studies.

Contributions to the Zeitschrift für Mathematikdidaktik in Forschung und Praxis are particularly suitable for publishing on issues on which one has already worked but has not yet had the opportunity to prepare certain aspects for practice (e.g., status of research, summary of a number of studies, comparison of certain approaches, etc.).

Interested authors express their interest by sending the following information to the editors: (1) a working title for the manuscript; (2) names, institutional affiliations, and contact information for all authors; and
(3) an abstract/plan of no more than 500 words summarizing the content of the proposed manuscript. However, you are welcome to contact us for advice without obligation.

Hints for the layout of articles and already published (rather extensive) articles can be found on the website. Many other formats are conceivable; we are looking for creative ideas, also for smaller articles or for thematic issues.

The editors:
Gilbert Greefrath greefrath@uni-muenster.de
Uta Häsel-Weide uta.haesel.weide@math.uni-paderborn.de
Maike Abshagen Maike.Abshagen@iqsh.landsh.de
Reinhold Haug reinhold.haug@ph-freiburg.de
Timo Leuders leuders@ph-freiburg.de