to the website of the Society for Didactics of Mathematics. The GDM is a scientific association with the aim to promote the didactics of mathematics – especially in German-speaking countries – and to cooperate with corresponding institutions in other countries. Mathematics didactics deals with the learning and teaching of mathematics at all ages.


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GDM publications include various journals, conference proceedings, and the online portal Madipedia.

The members’ journal “Mitteilungen der GDM” is generally published twice a year. It is edited by the secretary, Daniela Götze, on behalf of the board.


  • Contributions can be submitted online after one-time registration.
  • Since issue 82 the Mitteilungen are available online.


The “Journal für Mathematik-Didaktik” (JMD) is the official organ of the GDM and publishes original contributions from all areas of mathematics didactics research and development. Submitted texts are evaluated by three anonymous reviewers appointed by the editorial board of the JMD. The editorial board decides on the basis of the reviews and its own expertise on the further procedure (such as rejection, possible amendment requirements and/or the printing of the text in the JMD). For the texts, there is openness towards reference sciences (such as pedagogy, psychology, sociology or philosophy) and towards neighboring sciences (such as didactics of physics or didactics of language). The contributions concern the learning and teaching of mathematics.


Further references can be found on the journal’s homepage at Springer-Verlag and on the information pages about the JMD in Madipedia.


Since 2010, the JMD has been available on SpringerLink. Members of the GDM can access the journal free of charge via this link. As access data please use the same as for the access to the member database.



The Journal for Mathematics Didactics in Research and Practice (ZMFP) is also published by GDM. It aims to support and enrich the communication between research and practice and publishes as an online journal regularly and freely accessible current mathematics didactics research in direct relation to concrete questions of the design of mathematics education. It is thus primarily aimed at teachers who are interested in a practice-relevant presentation of current research, e.g. because they are active as multipliers. All articles are evaluated by at least two independent and anonymous peer reviewers prior to publication. Further information can be found on the journal’s homepage.


The GDM is the sponsor of the annual scientific conference, the Conference for Didactics of Mathematics, which is held every spring. The respective conference proceedings in the series “Beiträge zum Mathematikunterricht” provide information about the lectures held at these conferences.

Until 2007, the German conference proceedings were published by the Franzbecker publishing house and can also be ordered there. Since 2008, they have been published by WTM-Verlag, Münster, and are also available online.


Starting with the 2005 volume, they can also be downloaded from


Further journals from the field of mathematics didactics can be found in the Madipedia directory. These include, for example, ZDM – Mathematics Education. The ZDM can be obtained by GDM members at a reduced price of 50,10 €.


Madipedia is an online information service of GDM on mathematics didactics. It contains, among other things, information about people in mathematics didactics, a directory of mathematics didactics dissertations, and an overview of research projects in mathematics didactics.


The Madipedia service is still under construction, but the wiki structure makes it possible for members and non-members of the GDM to help expand it.


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