The GDM consists, according to its Statutes (German) of the executive board, the general assembly and the advisory board.

Executive Board

The executive board manages the society. It consists of the president, the vice president, the secretary and the financial officer. All board members are elected at the general assembly for a period of two years.

Currently, the executive board consists of:

A list of former board members (German) is available in Madipedia.

Advisory Board

The advisory board helps the executive board and the general assembly in all scientific questions and goals of the society. The members should be personalities that are particularly well suited to help to achieve the goals of the society. The advisory board consists of a maximum of 15 members. All members are elected by the general assembly for a period of three years, with at most two re-elections possible. Every year apperoximately a third of the members should be elected.

Currently, the advisory board consists of (in parentheses we note the year of the last elections):

Annual Accounts Auditor

The annual accounts auditor of the GDM is Gabriela Schürch.

Special Interest Groups

Within the GDM there are numerous special interest groups concerned with different topics within mathematics education. A list of all groups is available in Madipedia.


Membership in GDM is open to all those interested in mathematics education. Members are working at universitys or other scientific research groups, or are located in schools. Every member receives two issues of the Journal für Mathematik-Didaktik (JMD) a year free of charge as well as the proceedings of the annual meeting. Also, members get the Mitteilungen der GDM, the members' journal with current information.

Membership fees


Membership fee

ICME supplement

Membership fee (total)

Regular members

100 €

20 €

120 €

(retired, parallel membership in MNU or DMV)

90 €

18 €

108 €

(full time students, at most 50% research assistant position)

50 €

0 €

50 €

East European members

25 €

0 €

25 €

Everybody who is a full-time student, in preparatory service, or scientific staff with half employment only can apply for the reduced membership fee. The application has to be sent yearly until April of the same year and can be sent by email to Retired members over 65 years of age can apply for a reduction of their membership fee of 10%.

Becoming a Member

Please download the membership form (PDF). Members from Switzerland or Liechtenstein use the membership form for Swiss members (PDF). Send the filled and signed form by regular mail to our secretary (the address is printed on the form). In case of questions you can contact the secretary at or the Swiss contact.


  • Membership form: PDF
  • Membership form for Switzerland: Microsoft Word
  • Direct debit authorisation for automatic collection of the membership fees: PDF
  • Travel expense form: PDF

The forms are available in German language only.

Archives of the Statutes (German only)