Young Researchers within the GDM

It is a declared goal of GDM to help young researchers. Several years ago a graduate colloquium has been established that should foster the exchange across regions and is coordinated by experienced and established mathematics education researchers. Another part of this strategy is the Young Researchers Promotion Award (GDM-Förderpreis) for young researchers.

Contact Persons

Within the GDM advisory board ;Julia Joklitschke (Duisburg-Essen) and Sebastian Geisler (Magdeburg) are acting as contact persons for young researchers.

Mailing lists

The mailing list (run in German language) is a way for exchange between young researchers and to contact them. It can be used for job offers, calls for papers or conference announcements and general questions of importance for young researchers. We have two mailing lists. One for young researchers still doing their dissertation and one for reseachers after their dissertation. Both are unmoderated. The first one can be found at: At you can subscribe to the mailing list and get more information. The second mailing list for young reseachers after their dissertation can be found at At you can subscribe to the mailing list and get more information.

Financial support for conferences

The GDM supports young researchers who want to take part in the following conferences: Annual Meetings of the GDM; CERME - Conference of European Research in Math; YERME - Young European Researchers in Mathematics Education; PME - Conferences of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education.

Conditions for support are:

  1. Applicants must submit a presentation to the conference;
  2. Applicants must not be fully employed at the time of the conference;
  3. Applicants must be member of the GDM;

Applications should be submitted informally to by email.

Young Researchers' Representatives

A group of PhD students and post-docs is committed to networking and professional development of young researchers. They organize, for example, the "GDM-Nachwuchstag" on the day before the annual meeting. Further information is available in Madipedia (German language only).

Young Researchers Promotion Award

Every two years the GDM chooses an outstanding dissertation for the Young Researchers Promotion Award (GDM-Förderpreis).

Former laureates have been:

The current statutes (German) passed on 18/9/2009 are available here (PDF, German).

Jury Members

Members of the jury are elected for a period of 6 years. The year behind the name is the year of election.